May 5/13 – Pat, Paul and Bob PPG course – day 2 – pm – Bob first solo flight!

We were supposed to get together at 4 pm but the forecast was for gusty winds till 7 pm. So we changed the plan and got together at 6 pm. It was still too gusty too fly but OK to ground handle. Bob got it down, Paul is almost there. Pat does not need to round handle, he is 100 % on kiting.

We had few visitors that came to the field to check this out. Eric and Harry + his 2 friends. I went for quick flight to show them but it was very gusty, I had to come down on big ears and I almost landed on my ass. That does not happen often.

We waited till the sun set then Bob flew for the first time. Very nicely done! got off the ground on first try, flew for about 15 min and he landed very well too. Pat also took off, but we are having hard time communicating so not much guidance from me during his flight. He is using his helmet and radios and this may be the problem. We will try my helmet set up tomorrow. Both guys landed when it was almost dark.

Congrats Bob on your first paramotor flight!