May 6/13 – Pat, Paul and Bob PPG course – day 3 – am – Pat run out of fuel!

Started at 7 am. Good conditions. Pat and Bob both got into the air very quickly meanwhile I was working with Paul who was learning how to trike. It was a morning of technical issues. First, one of the radio helmets stopped working, then the paramotor Paul had on trike started to act up. I had to pull the start cord so many times that my right shoulder is out to lunch now. Bob and Pat were having great time and pretty long flights. Till Pat radioed in that he landed on the very south end of the runway. I was wondering what happened but he simply run out of fuel. Not a big deal in PPG – he made nice and soft landing and I picked him up with my car. Bobs flights were nice and uneventful.

Congrats Bob anf Pat on two more flights.


We got our gear everywhere…


I do not see any fuel…


Paul with trike


Pat after forced lending

At the end of today’s am session