May 6/13 – Pat, Paul and Bob PPG course – day 3 – pm – Bob kicked the prop!

Nice evening. Pretty much ideal conditions. Pat put up his super tall wind sock and it looked like it was very windy. So we waited. Then I realized that there is hardly any wind on the ground and we started to fly. Pat quickly dispatched 3 flights. He is taking off and landing on his own. Bob on the other hand had very nice first flight and on his second take off run managed to kick his foot back and up and into the cage in such a way that his heal has touched the prop. He must be triple jointed! I have never seen anything like this in 15 years of PPG. Bob’s heel was fine, just bruised up a bit but the prop was cracked – write off. I normally have spare in trailer but not this time so that was it for Bob.

Paul was working on his trike inflations and taxing, this time using the electric start Walkerjet. It is goind slow I must say.

Soo so far we had engine out. 50 % collapse and kick in the prop. I do not know what is going to happen next. Paul did not do anything yet, is it his turn? We will see tomorrow…


This is Pat’s flight pattern


Pat in Walkerjet start