May 9/13 – Pat, Paul and Bob PPG course – day 6 – am – Pat and Bob are finished!

The weather this morning was bit foggy and hazy but we had a slight breeze.


Both Bob and Pat were planning to complete the rest of the flights. Bob had 7 to go and Pat 3 more to go. In no time Pat managed 4 flights and Bob 8 flights. They both ended up with 31 flights and they are finished. Paul was still working on improving his trike taxi skills.


This is a track of Pat’s flying this morning.


Paul trying to take off on trike

And another one

Bob touch and go


Grass was quite wet so we had to hang up the two gliders Paul was using for triking


Pat is a master carpenter – he made me an mazing cutting board for our kitchen. Note the PPG pilot in the right top corner…Thanks Pat!

Congrats Pat and Bob on completing the course requirements!