Sep 9/17 – Tandem with Dave.

After many cancelations we have finally managed to fly. It was cold and crisp flight but the visibility was amazing. No wind either. Great flight.

Sep 8/17 – PG pics from 1993

Me on the Hamilton escarpment in 1993

Sep 6/17 – Nice tandem with Henry

Sep 5/17 – Tandem with Dale

Aug 30/17 – Great Tandem with Serge

Aug 26/17 – Week of training finished

After I came back from my vacation I only had one day to get ready for next week of training. Things always pile up so it was a blur. Didn’t have time to update website with pictures  so here is a few for you. It was very busy week.

July 27/17 – Testimonial from Maciej

I had a lot of fun working with Andre during the days of training I had with Powered Paragliding Ontario. Andre provided a good mix of firm, calculated instruction and corrections while still keeping the atmosphere light, so it felt easy to ask the numerous questions that cropped up. I feel like his experience in the field and years of teaching experience really made the process go smoothly. Like any form of aviation, training is an absolute must and I would be happy to recommend Andre and Powered Paragliding Ontario to anyone seeking to undertake this truly incredible endeavour.


July 26/17 – I am away

I am away till Aug 18 back in my home country – Czech Republic. I am not getting any of my voice mails and text messages.

I do get my emails but not every day. Responses will be slower then usual.

Thanks for understanding.

Have a great summer.


July 17/17 – John and Konstantin

John managed his first two flights tonight. Very well done.

Konstantin added 6 more flights to his log book. He has 32 and has completed TC Canada flight requirement to get his ULTRA Permit.

Congratulations to both of you!