May 9/17 – PPG course day 4 pm

Mr E two flights. Congrats.

Hardly any wind so Sheldon did not accomplish much.




May 9/17 – PPG course day 4 am

More ground handling. Mr E is ready to solo. Sheldon still needs bit more work on the kite.

May 8/17 – PPG course day 3 pm

The wind did not die till last hour before sunset. We reverse handled. I di demo flights to demonstrate proper take off and landing in eluding big ears maneuver. Sheldon tried few forwards and Mr E kited with motor on his back.

May 8/17 – PPG course day 3 am

Started at 8 am with nice 15 km/h winds. Mr E locked the kiting in and I wall able to get him to work with hand throthle and I also gave him hand full of rope hand tows. If all is well, he will fly tonight.

Sheldon is right behind. he is trying to buy home in Niagara and he needs to cut some sessions short. He can now kite in reverse, still some minor mistakes but lot better then yesterday.


May 7/17 – PPG course day 2 pm

Kited with trainers then broke the engines in then more kiting with regular size gliders.


May 7/17 – PPG course day 2 am

Got together this am and went over the paramotor pre-start/pre-flight procedures. Covered how to prime the engine, how to safely start it. Learned how to untangle lines and hook up for forward and reverse. Both Mr E and Sheldon picked it up real quick.


May 6/17 – PPG course

Two students in this course.

Mr E does not want to be featured on my web so there will be only pics related to Sheldon.

Ground school done – finished at 4:30. Raining outside so no trip to the field.

Apr 26/16 – Manuel and Maciej

Great afternoon at the field.

Manuel came to work on his ground handling. He is making a switch from ultralight aeroplane to PPG.

He almost has it locked in. He has to work bit more as his glider is not as user friendly as the Cima K 2 that I have been using for last 4 seasons.

Maciej was on fire – 12 flights.

All well done except 1 cross wind landing with bit of a belly flop into the muddy bean field. We have practiced forced landings – well done. Maciej passed on both landings. He is now taking off and landing on his own.

Next time it is big ears emergency descend practice and steep turns





Apr 23/17 – PPG course day 7 – pm

Maciej did first solo and 3 more flights. All very well done. He is a natural pilot.






Apr 23/17 – PPG course day 7 – am

Grass was wet. Mark did 4 more short flights. Derren decided that it was getting too gusty for him and Maciej tried practice take offs with engine running and helmet on and it went very well. He will fly tonight.