Feb 24/13 – Kangook fly in

Hi Andre

We are organizing this private event for all Kangook pilots and dealers. Several of our dealers, importers and customers will visit us from different countries such as Japan, Sweden, USA, France… It would be great if Kangook pilots from Ontario could come.

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RS Ultra




Dec 17/12 – Stan finished his license

Stan was a great student to teach. Definitely above average. Calm, cool collected.

  Just before landing….

      Here is his flight # 26

Very well done Stan – congratulations!


Dec 3/12 – Stan completed 5 more flights

Got together with Stan again. No wind at all. Stan used his glider for the first take off then we switched to one of mine (Cima K 2 M) as his does not work very well in no wind conditions – Stan then completed 4 more flights.

  Take off

Nov 30/12 – Stan working on his license

Stan came to me partially trained in USA with 2 flights on his belt. He is now working on his Canadian license.

Here are some excerpts from his log:

Powered training 2:30 to 5 pm – 6 flights, all reverse inflation, first 3 in bumpy conditions, tried inflate with trims and half position – corrected, flight 2 could not get in seat – seat adjusted, flight 4 – too much flare – corrected, all take off good, failed 4 forward launches,

Powered training 3  to 5 pm – 8 flights, all reverse – even in very low wind, holding A lines under other lines – corrected,  all take off good, all landinggs good, Fl;are not very smooth – corrected

Powered training 1  to 3:30 pm – 6 flights, all reverse – even in very low wind, Glidser does not work well in low wind situation, I have accidentally shut of fuel supply, forced landing handled well, one one landing Stan did not get out of seat and hit ground with frame hard, practiced tight turns,

 Ground handling   First solo flight

  Getting ready   Prep

Nov 27/12 – Greg, PPG course day two

Very cold day. Worked on forward inflations, the wind picked up so we have mastered reverse inflation and reverse kiting skills. After 3 hrs Greg was ready for first solo flight. Forward inflation, great take off, no problem flying and very good landing. Perhaps bit too close to the bushes at the north side of the runway. I expected big celebration and happiness after first solo but Greg was not feeling well – he has problems with motion sickness so he was not feeling well. We have decided to sleep on this first flight.  We are planing  to fly on Friday so I will keep you posted. It would be too bad if Greg could not fly PPG because of this – he is definitely above average and would for sure enjoy this sport.
  Forward ground handling   First solo flight

  Great reverse ground handling skills in high winds

First solo flight after only 5 hrs of ground school and 5 hours of practical training. Very well done Greg – congratulations!

Nov 21/12 – Cayuga Island

I visited my buddy Chris and we had great flight from near his house on Cayuga Island. Nigara Falls, NY.

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Nov 20/12 – Greg starts his PPG course

Completed ground school in am – issued SPP.  Worked on forward inflations as winds were light. After 1 hour Greg was able to inflate the paraglider with motor on his back. He is “natural” and will fly soon.

Nov 15/12 – Garry, PPG course day 3

Very nice day BUT no wind. Worked on forward inflations.  It is a slow go. Almost there but no cigar as Garry says.


Nov 14/12 – Garry, PPG course day two.

Again very cold day. Worked on forward inflations as winds were light. Practiced riding trike. At the end Garry was able to inflate the paraglider with motor on his back. He will fly soon.

  Practice runs

Nov 13/12 – Garry started his PPG course today.

We have completed ground school, issued SPP and put in 2 hrs of ground handling. Garry managed quite few forward inflations with pretty good control afterwards. It was cold!