Oct 2/16 – First solo Rebecca

After 4 days of rain we finally had an opportunity to get together for more training. It was a wet morning – no wind at all. That doesn’t matter so much for trike though. We set up, first try and it was a perfect inflation and Rebecca was off the ground for the first time solo. She flew for about 15 minutes then we set up for lending and it was a good one.

After very short break we tried again, this time Rebecca needed couple tries until she locked the glider in and was able to get off the ground again. The second lending was absolutely spectacular – so soft so controlled. We tried again a few more times but I think Rebecca was getting tired when as she was not able to control the canopy and taxi properly.

With some clouds coming in and possible thunderstorms in the forecast for later in the day we decided to finish up and be happy with two flights.

Congratulations Rebecca on your first solo!

VIDEO – Rebecca first solo