Oct 5/16 – Kiarash 1 flight

Kierash has been at it for very long time. He started in 2012 but only comes in once or twice a year.


So often it is two steps forward, one step back. Last night it took us about 1 hour to get him back up to kite again, then we had a perfect conditions to fly so we got ready and on the second inflation attempt Kiarash that was off the ground again. He had a good climb out but then could not get into the seat. After couple minutes of trying I guided him for a landing. Once he landed, he was quite mentally exhausted he admitted to minor panic attack in the air. He also said he could not find the edges of the seat to push on to get seated. Basically he needs to go back in the simulator and practice all this before he can fly solo again.

He has now 15 flights in a log book but he is not able to fly independently because every time we get together he forgets half of the stuff.