Sep 28/15 – Graham and Chris – 3 flights each

It was overcast and raining this morning. I didn’t even drive to the field just call the guys and told them to meet at Tim Hortons. He spent two hours drinking coffee and watching videos of PPG crashes. Every single crash what’s caused by pilot error. Most of these videos come from United States where the sport is unregulated so some people don’t take any training at all and just try on their own that certainly is a recipe for disaster.

Around 10 o’clock the rain stopped so we went to the field and in about 30 minutes the grass was dry enough to try. Chris took off first and Graham followed shortly after. We had good wind and overcast so we flew till about 12:30. Both guys managed three flights. Then wind picked up to 25 km/h so we decided to take a short break. Around 2 PM it started to rain and there was no wind decrease in the forecast, so we packed up and called it today.

Excellent work guys.