Sep 28/17 – John added 2 more flights

When I got to the field at 3:30 PM there was hardly any wind. Strange, because forecast was calling for 17 km/h north north west. John was little late because there was an accident on the way. At 4 o’clock, we only had enough wind for forwards. John did several with training harness and they went really well. After that, we went to real flying. First take off was forward – very well done – good flight but Landing was little crooked. John seemed to like to land on his butt. Second flight was forward inflation as well. John is starting to like the power assisted forwards. In the middle of a second flight wind started to pick up to the point that I called him in to land. By the time he made his approach wind was gusting up to 25 km/h and his final was quite low. I asked him to apply power and work his way closer to the runway but a lot of power combined with a lot of wind started to turn him around and it was quite unstabilized final. He did manage to bring it in to the grass and landed properly giving the situation. After that, the wind picked up even more so we packed it in. The weather this year is upside down!

It was stunning evening and the visibility was great. I do not think I have ever seen Toronto so clearly across the lake.