May 19/13 – To who ever texted tonight

You texted me tonight at 905 998 5013 – this is not a cell phone but a land line. I got your message but not your cell number. I can’t get back to you. Call or text again and leave your number. Thanks Andre

May 15/13 – Pat’s video from his second flight – 50 % glider collapse and quick recovery.

Pat forgot to trim his glider to safe position and got 50 % collapse 50 ft off the ground. Luckily he was flying Cima K 2 and it recovered instantly… he just landed cross wind.


Pat flight number – 2

May 14/13 – Todd accelerated course – day 2 – Kiting like a pro!

Todd has picked up kiting really quickly.



Todd ground handling in winds up to 35 km/h with our special training glider…

May 13/13 – Todd started to go through his accelerated course.

Todd knows how to fly PPG – just need to get his license. I am fast tracking him through all the requirements.



I have improved my simulator...

May 9/13 – Pat, Paul and Bob PPG course – day 6 – pm – Paul will go with A assist.

After Bob and Pat left it was just me and Paul. We got to the field at 6 pm and re-assessed Paul’s chances. Due to his “frozen” shoulders and lack of strength in his arms we have concluded that continuing the course using the gear I have provided would not increase his chance to fly. The only system would be trike fited with A assist system. This pulls up the glider for pilot and no pushing or tensioning A lines is required. Paul is currently looking into a trike that will have this system installed. One he has it, we will resume training.


May 9/13 – Pat, Paul and Bob PPG course – day 6 – am – Pat and Bob are finished!

The weather this morning was bit foggy and hazy but we had a slight breeze.


Both Bob and Pat were planning to complete the rest of the flights. Bob had 7 to go and Pat 3 more to go. In no time Pat managed 4 flights and Bob 8 flights. They both ended up with 31 flights and they are finished. Paul was still working on improving his trike taxi skills.


This is a track of Pat’s flying this morning.


Paul trying to take off on trike

And another one

Bob touch and go


Grass was quite wet so we had to hang up the two gliders Paul was using for triking


Pat is a master carpenter – he made me an mazing cutting board for our kitchen. Note the PPG pilot in the right top corner…Thanks Pat!

Congrats Pat and Bob on completing the course requirements!

May 8/13 – Pat, Paul and Bob PPG course – day 5 – pm – No flying tonight!

It is raining and wind is coming directly from E. Direct E is always acssociated with crappy weather and badly turbulent. The evening flying was cancelled.


It looks good for tomorrow am.


May 8/13 – Pat, Paul and Bob PPG course – day 5 – am – Paul first flight!

Started again at 7 am. Very good conditions. Bob took off first – he has got it down! Pat struggled a bit in no wind conditions till I have explained to him the “create your own wind” technique. After this, the take off was no longer a problem. Paul was ready to fly on trike. We have tried about 10 inflations till he finally locked the glider in and took off in very controlled fashion. Good flight but bit rough landing. Congrats Paul on your first solo!  Bob managed 7 flights this am and Pat 8 flights.

Summary after 5 training days:

  • Pat 27 flights
  • Bob 23 flights
  • Paul 1 flight



Students after morning session



May 7/13 – Pat, Paul and Bob PPG course – day 4 – pm – Flying circus!

At 5 pm conditions were too gusty to fly. Forecast did not look good at all. Decided to go to Tim Hortons for coffee. Back at the field after 6. Wind decreasing very very slowly. Waited till 7:15.  I have checked the air twice. First flight nasty, second so so. Students started to fly after another 20 min. Both Pat and Bob focused on touch and goes. In 1 hour Bob got 8 flights and Pat 7 flights. Paul could not trike train as winds were gusting over 10 km/h. Pat has 19 flights and Bob 18 flights. Great work guys!


Various take offs, landings and touch and go’s by Pat and Bob









Pat’s flight pattern


Celebrating successful evening…