Aug 24/ 15 – Flight to Goderich

I got my ass handed to me in Goderich. The wind was gusting to 20 KTS from 240 so I had a choice of paved runway 28 with a lot of crosswind or short grass runway 23. Since I have never landed the Cherokee on grass before, I went for the 28 but it was a big mistake, I barely managed to set her down in major gusty cross wind. It took all I got to settle her in! After that I took off and landed on the grass which was real freaky for the first time with the plane fully loaded for sight seeing flight and only 1800 ft of grass to get off. I did text book soft field take off with two notches of flaps, full back pressure then once couple feet off the ground I held her in ground effect until we accelerated enough for me to pull her up an pull up she did. We shot up over the trees at the end of the grass strip with lots of spare altitude. Coming back, I landed on grass too. OMG, much better then fighting the crazy cross wind. Nice lunch in Godferich with friends then very bumpy flight back to St. Catharines.

I like grass!


Another 4.3 hrs in my log


In Goderich



Our route


See the short gras 23?