Apr 17/13 – An evening with David :-(

The plan was to fly foot launch using my gear. Also assemble the Flat top and S trike and either just ride it to get used to it or if weather cooperates to try some trike taxiing. We tried to start Davids motor but it was giving us all sorts of troubles. After investigating further I have realized that there was cylinder gasket missing, cylinder head was scored and carburator was altered and leaking fuel.





He purchased this motor used and has never seen it before it was set and done. Unfortunately this is the risk you run trying to save $. At the present time we will try to fix his motor (again) but I am not sure if I have all the parts we need.

Unfortunately, the wind did not come down. I did go for quick flight to check the air and also demo PPG to Andrew but needed to descend on “big ears”. It was nasty. 12 kts from east is always awful!




Apr 17/13 – Fixing session with David

After morning session me and David went to Peaks to finish the work on his motor and get both his paramotor and trike balanced.




Things are fixed


Apr 17/13 – Ryan has finished his PPG training

This morning Ryan completed last 5 paramotor flights to have 30 in his log book.


He is done. Congratulations!


Happy pilot

After Ryan left me and David worked on kiting.







David – nice forward

Apr 16/13 – Too windy, no flying today

Bad forecast for today. No flying!



David purchased his PPG gear before the course so we have to do some minor fixing. We also have to balance both the paramotor and paramotor with trike so it is ready for use.



Apr 15/13 – David starts his PPG course

After morning session with Ryan, David showed up and we did all the ground school stuff and worked on his motor bit.


Then of to field for some ground handling. Ryan joined us at 6 pm and managed 3 more flights in very windy conditions.

Very long day for me – I am tired!


Apr 15/13 – Ryan 12 more flights

Aaron only booked Sat and Sunday so this morning it was just me and Ryan. Started just before 7 am and conditions were good. Ryan quickly managed to add 12 more flights to his log book.



Take off 1

Take off 2

Landing 1

Landing 2


Apr 14/13 – Ryan 10 flights and Aaron 6 flights

What a great day. Started of quite gusty but by 4 pm it was flyable and both Ryan and Aaron did incredibly well.

IMG_2862 IMG_2861

Rayn 10 flights and Aaron 6 flights


Aaron landing – flight number 1

Both students in the air.

Both students at the end of the session.

Apr 14/16 – I demonstrate landing for students

I demonstrate landing for students


Apr 16/13 – Andre flying for students

I demonstrate flight for student.


Apr 13/13 – Ryan and Aaron start the PPG training

Same as always. Ground school and simulator.


Aaron in simulator.

Off to the field – super windy. Gusting up to 40 km/h.

Did all the motor stuff.



VERY windy

Ryan wrestling the training glider in 30 km/h plus winds

Powered runs

Powerful little engines…

Very fun day. Looking forward to tomorrow.