Sep 3/12 to Sep 12/12 – News

Sep 12/12    See -Yong and Kiarash add 2 more flights each to their log books

  Kairash    Roger cruising….

  Future pilots….

Sep 11/12    Roger is flying a lot…

Sep 11/12  Stoney Creek Fly in – written by former student Paul Barker

Stoney has confirmed that the 22nd will be okay, so… the consensus rules, the 22nd it is. Andre Zeman of Powered Paragliding Ontario, has graciously agreed to fund the cost of the Port-A-Potty to take the strain off the Airport, so on behalf of everyone here, thanks much, Andre. I think we should maybe also, pass the hat, to the tune of five ten bucks, per pilot, to give to the EAA club, just to be gracious, for the use of the field, cutting the grass etc. making us welcome, etc.

Overnight camping is available onsite. Anyone who has any PPG related stuff for sale, bring it down, and we can see who’s interested. Tell your friends who may be interested in learning to fly to drop by and look things over.

Let’s hope for good weather.

Regards Paul Barker

Sep11/12    See-Yong – flight numero uno…


Yong has managed very nice forward inflation, great take off and handled him self in the air very well. Landed OK in no wind conditions but on his ass…. How about using your legs Yong? ;-)

Sep 10/12    Markus, Kiarash and See-Yong

Another great day at PPO. Markus added 3 more flights to his log book. Kiarash had a first solo flight in absolutely NIL wind conditions – thank you Cima K2 XL. See-Yong came all the way from Ottawa and started his course today. He was close to first solo flight but wind has died and we decided to wait till Tuesday.

Sep 9/12    Irek and Markus started their PPG course    Practicing powered runs

  Practicing powered runs

  Markus flight number 1

  Markus after flight number 1

Congratulation Markus on first solo flight! Great achievement after only 10 hrs of training. Irek will fly soon as well.

Sep 7/12  Kiarash started his PPG course on Friday Sep 7/12

 Kiarash in simulator

Sep 5/12    Lawrence came back for two more flights – flights 3 and 4


Sep 3/12    Lawrence is back in the air…

  Lawrence kiting    Lawrence flight two

Sep 3/12  Mark started his course on Saturday Sep 1/12

  Mark in simulator

Oct 28/01 to Aug 29/12 – News

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