June 17/17 – PPG course Mike, Kevin and Konstantin

Three guys in this course – Mike, Kevin and Konstantin.

The weather forecast for Saturday was very good but Sunday forecast was calling for very high winds. Therefore, we have decided to switch the order and go to do kiting at the field on Saturday and do ground school on Sunday.

It was very decent day at the field – we got lots accomplished. Mike have mastered the reverse inflation in 15 minutes because he is kite surfer and it was quite similar to kite paraglider in reverse. He had much harder time with forward handling because it is quite different.

Kevin initially struggled a bit but caught on soon. Konstantin is working slowly and meticioulsy – a guy like that often first one to solo.

Great day.

It looks like we will do some kiting on Sunday morning and then ground school for the rest of the day. Winds are supposed to be very high and we will have some rain later in the afternoon.