June 9/13 – PPG course day 2 pm – Hugues manages 9 flights and Herman 2

Got to the field at field 4 pm to meet Herman and Hugues. I was not sure how Hugues will do as in the morning he had a serious mental block but as it turn out in the afternoon with nice steady breeze he quickly took of and landed 9 times!  Great work Hugues.

Hugues ground inflating with motor on his back.


Hugues after one of the landings




Herman is getting ready.

He has purchased very powerful unit with Moster engine – a bit of overkill for his size


After some prep – Herman too off. All was going well except he was reluctant to add power – I guess being a bit timid having such powerful unit. He copied the terrain at about 70 ft and then his engine coughed and quit. He made pretty good downwind landing. We were wondering what happened but after I have looked at his tank, it was quite clear to me that the must have sucked an air bubble into carb as the fuel was sloshing around on take off  Herman had only 2 ” of fuel at the bottom of the tank?! Not a good idea.

After this flight wind was dying off and Herman started to have hard time inflating his canopy. I have suggested to use one of my super light units along with the Cima K 2 to have another flight and build confidence. In no time Hermann was in the air again this time the engine didn’t quit and he had a very nice flight.

Very successful evening!

VIDEO: Herman between flight 1 and 2

VIDEO _ Hugues after 9 flights

VIDEO _ Herman after fligh 2t