May 1/13 – Mark 2 flights, Darren 4 flights

Started at 4:30 pm. Winds bit gusty. Ground handled for a while. Darren has ground handling down pat. Mark needs some minor tweaking. At 5:30 I jump in for quick flight to make sure air is not too turbulent. It feels OK so Darren gets ready and quickly dispatches 4 flights. He always need to leave at 7 pm so it cuts our window of training opportunity short. Mark is ready too. We try, and on third inflation attempt he is in the air. Unfortunately he does not manage to get into the seat so he just hangs in the harness upright – very uncomfortable – so we kand quickly. After short break he goes up again. This time, we get his lag straps extra tight. Again nice take off, no problem getting into the seat and then he cruises for good 25 min. Both landings were OK. First one, Mark pretty much landed on his knees – it was extremely soft landing so it did not matter – and on the second he ended up on one knee. Well done, Mark, CONGRATS on you first two solo flights!


Mark and Darren kiting


Mark flying


Mark after flight number 2


Darren after 4 flights tonight


Mark kiting Cima K 2 size M

 Darren after 4 flights

Mark after flight 1

Mark on flight number two

Markon flight two – feeling more comfortable

Mark after flight 2