May 14/13 – Jeff, Greg and Andrew

Jeff is a new student and very experienced sky diver with 3000 jumps on his belt – definitely not new to flying a canopy. We have completed ground school in the afternoon and went to our flying field. Strong wind but manageable – I gave Jeff the small training glider and after 5 min explanation he was able to kite like a pro… Crazy! I have never seen anything like this. I had some work to do on one of the motors so I let Jeff to play with the canopy and every time I would look back at him it would be up and flying. In 10 min he was where others take 4 – 6 hrs to get. Amazing! We then proceeded to do our engine intro and powered runs.

VIDEO: Jeff powered runs

VIDEO: Jeff powered runs 2

After this was completed, wind came down and it was time to fly. I went for short flight to test the air. Bit thermally but not too bad. Jeff took off first after 5 hrs of training. It took him little bit to settle in. Flying under power is bit different then non-motorized under skydiving canopy. Then Greg took off. I put the GO PRO on his helmet – I have very nice footage from his first flight. Have to edit it – the file is huge. Then it was Andrews turn – no problem, nice forward and he was off too.

Summary: Jeff two flights, Greg 3 flight and Andrew 2 flights

VIDEO: Jeff at the end of the night

VIDEO: Andrew at the end of the night

VIDEO: Greg at the end of the night


From left to right: Andrew, Jeff and Greg

Great evening at the field and congrats on first 2 solo flights Jeff and Andrew!