May 19/13 – Darren, Andrew and Sergei

Conditions at the field were perfect. Although we could use a little bit more wind. But it was nice smooth and gentle. Sergei arrived and the plan was to go on a first solo flight – we got ready, tried couple inflations but no luck. Meanwhile Andrew showed up and started to set up his gear. Shortly after Darren started to fly and completed six flights in fairly light wind conditions. We tried again with Sergei but not once, but twice, he jumped in a seat and stopped running. Andrew completed three flights including one very very late when there was absolutely no wind. If someone wanted to bet with me, I would say that he will never get up here but he did it! That was excellent work – totally surprised me. It was incredible night to fly, the air was smooth like butter…Darren has 26 flights and he is almost finished. One more evening and he will be done. He has handled himself really well throughout the course and will have no problem flying on his own. Good work guys!



Andrew – fly by


Andrew – fly by 2


Andrew – landing




Darren ready for forward


Darren – failed forward

Darren – successful forward