May 27 pm – Aaron and Graham

Aaron came to finish his license. He had 28 flights and needed 2 more. His kiting skills are awesome but his ability to hook up needs improvement. Within five minutes I have realized that Aaron is ready to fly even though I have not seen him in months. We tried four times and each time he had everything line up perfectly but when he went to full power he wasn’t getting enough trust. I did the usual carburetor tuning but that did not fix it. I was just about to say that he needs to leave his machine with me so I can fix it for him but I noticed that his propeller was mounted inside out. Three minutes later I had it flipped and Erin quickly did two flights followed by six touch and goes. Congrats Aaron on completing your license requirements.




Graham did three flights in the fall but this was a first time after six months we were going to train more. After such a long pause we always have to go back to ground handling and that is what Graham did. He picked it up back really well and will fly again soon.