Sep 27/17 – Alex tandem – video

Hi Andre,

Thanks for the flight yesterday, I had a blast!

I threw together a little video from the footage I shot:


Sep 20/17 – Another great Tandem

Sep 13/17 – Kangook LTE frame – swan neck install

Sep 12/17 – Went flying yesterday am


Sep 10/17 pm – John and Sheldon

John managed 2 more flights – 4 total – well done

Sheldon is still ground handling but it getting better

Sep 10/17 – John and Sheldon back at it.

It was a long pause for both students. This morning was about refreshing all the skills the students already had while back.


Sep 9/17 – Tandem with Dave.

After many cancelations we have finally managed to fly. It was cold and crisp flight but the visibility was amazing. No wind either. Great flight.

Sep 8/17 – PG pics from 1993

Me on the Hamilton escarpment in 1993

Sep 6/17 – Nice tandem with Henry

Sep 5/17 – Tandem with Dale